Kitchen Helper Needed In Canada By Spring Vietnamese Cuisine

We are looking for a committed and spurred Kitchen Aide to connect our culinary group. The perfect candidate will help in nourishment arrangement, keeping up cleanliness, and supporting the kitchen staff to guarantee smooth operations.

Work subtle elements

  • Area: Calgary, AB
    Compensation: 15.00 to 16.00 hourly (To be arranged) / 30 to 40 hours per week
  • Terms of work Lasting business: Full time
  • Begin date:.Begins as before long as conceivable
    Opportunities 2
  • English


  • No degree, certificate or recognition
  • Will prepare


  • Help in essential nourishment planning assignments, such as chopping vegetables, peeling natural products, and planning fixings beneath the direction of kitchen staff.
  • Back the cooks or chefs by keeping up cleanliness and organization within the kitchen, counting washing and sanitizing utensils, pots, dish, and other cooking hardware.
  • Help in gathering and setting up nourishment things, garnishes, and condiments agreeing to built up rules.
  • Get and store approaching nourishment supplies, guaranteeing proper storage and labeling to preserve freshness and quality.
    Clean and sanitize kitchen surfaces, floors, and gear taking after wellbeing and security guidelines.
  • Arrange of squander and recyclables legitimately, following to squander administration conventions.
  • Collaborate with kitchen staff to guarantee smooth workflow and help in different assignments as required.
  • Follow to all sanitation and security methods to preserve a clean and hazard-free work environment.
  • Past encounter in a kitchen or nourishment benefit environment is favored but not required; on-the-job preparing will be given.
  • Fundamental understanding of nourishment security and cleanliness hones.
  • Capacity to take after enlightening and work effectively as portion of a group.
  • Physical stamina and the capacity to work in a fast-paced environment.
  • Readiness to memorize and take on unused obligations.
  • Adaptability to work in several shifts, counting nighttimes, ends of the week, and occasions.


  • Clean and sanitize kitchen counting work surfaces, pantries, capacity zones, machines and hardware
  • Handle and store cleaning items
    Get, unload and store supplies in fridges, coolers, pantries and other capacity areas
  • Expel kitchen trash and junk
    Hone kitchen blades
  • Clear, wipe, wash and clean floors
    Wash, peel and cut vegetables and natural product

Who can apply to this work?

The manager acknowledges applications from:

  • Canadian citizens and lasting or brief inhabitants of Canada.
  • Other candidates with or without a substantial Canadian work allow.

How to apply

By e-mail
[email protected]

By mail
11566 24 Road SE suite 315Calgary, ABT2Z 3J3

Promoted until


Here are a few habitually inquired questions to assist you pick up distant better;a much better;a higher;a stronger;an improved”>a distant better understanding of this Kitchen partner:

  • What does a kitchen partner do? Kitchen aides help in different assignments inside the kitchen, counting essential food preparation, cleaning, organizing, and supporting kitchen staff to guarantee a well-functioning culinary environment.
  • What are the essential obligations of a kitchen partner? Their obligations incorporate assisting with nourishment planning, keeping up cleanliness and sanitation, washing dishes and kitchen hardware, organizing fixings, accepting and putting away supplies, and supporting kitchen staff as required.
  • What abilities are fundamental for a effective kitchen partner? Basic skills include essential information of nourishment handling and security, capacity to take after enlightening, eagerness to memorize and adjust, cooperation, time administration, and consideration to cleanliness.
  • What assignments are regularly performed by a kitchen partner? Kitchen aides perform a assortment of errands, such as chopping vegetables, peeling natural products, washing and cutting fixings, cleaning workstations, dishwashing, stocking supplies, and helping with nourishment benefit setup.
  • How does a kitchen aide contribute to the productivity of a kitchen? They contribute by guaranteeing that the kitchen is organized, fixings are promptly accessible, gear is clean, and helping cooks or chefs, which permits for a smooth workflow and efficient food arrangement.
  • What challenges might a kitchen aide confront in their part? Challenges may incorporate working in a fast-paced environment, overseeing numerous assignments at the same time, adjusting to changing needs, and keeping up cleanliness amid active periods.
  • What openings for development exist for a kitchen partner? Kitchen aides can advance to higher positions within the culinary field with extra preparing and encounter, such as line cook, prep cook, or specialized parts completely different regions of the kitchen.
  • How does a kitchen helper guarantee nourishment security and cleanliness within the kitchen? They follow to food security conventions, take after appropriate hygiene practices, handle nourishment fittingly, keep up clean work ranges, and help in sanitation methods to guarantee a secure and clean kitchen environment.
  • What qualities make a incredible kitchen aide? Awesome kitchen partners have a positive demeanor, readiness to memorize, unwavering quality, flexibility, consideration to detail, collaboration, and a enthusiasm for working in a culinary setting.
  • What exhortation would you donate to somebody trying to be a kitchen helper? Be eager to memorize, be proactive in helping kitchen staff, pay consideration to informational, keep up cleanliness, and grasp the opportunity to pick up hands-on experience in a fast-paced culinary environment

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