Windsor University is currently extending scholarships to international students who wish to pursue their studies in the USA

Windsor University is excited to extend its invitation to students from various countries, including Afghanistan, Belarus, Burma, Cote D’Ivoire (Ivory Coast), Cuba, The Democratic Republic of Congo, Iran, Iraq, Liberia, North Korea, Sudan, Syria, the Balkans, and others, who are keen on pursuing their studies at international universities through online education.

As an online institution based in the United States, Windsor is committed to offering quality education to students from around the globe.


To be eligible for admission, applicants must possess a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent with at least 120 credit hours.

English proficiency level: Students have ample time to meet the required English language proficiency standards.


Applicants are required to include the following details in their articles: (Kindly provide information about your specific country.)

  • How can Windsor University effectively deliver online education to students in your country, considering any existing challenges such as internet restrictions or other issues?
  • What are the available methods for international money transactions for educational purposes in your country? Please provide an example of a legitimate bank or exchange entity, along with its name and website, to guide other students in your nation.
  • How can students overcome obstacles and continue their studies abroad?


  • The article, along with the student’s name and country, may be published on the University’s website.
  • The submitted piece must demonstrate well-structured content, flawless grammar, coherence, specific information, and relevant examples, and it must be free of any plagiarized material. Regardless of the article’s length, it should adhere to these guidelines. Please be aware that your article, along with your name and country, may be published on the University’s website.


Previously, the total tuition fees were $3600. However, for the upcoming intake on January 2, 2022, the discounted price will be $1800, offering a 50% reduction. The tuition fees after the discount will be payable in six semesters, with each semester lasting four months.

Windsor University has waived the $50 application fee for students from countries under sanction!

Students can securely transfer $300 in tuition fees every four months to Windsor University’s business bank account through a legal bank designated for educational transactions.

Additionally, Windsor University will provide an enrollment form to facilitate the transfer of tuition funds via an international legal bank within the respective nations.


Complete the application form now to become eligible for this opportunity!


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