What are Doordash Careers, Duties, and Qualifications

DoorDash is well-known for delivering meals, groceries, and more to your doorstep.


In the U.S., it partners with over 500,000 merchants, and globally, it relies on 6.3 million delivery drivers, also called Dashers.

If you’re seeking employment, you can land enough at DoorDash.


In this guide, we’ll walk you through common job types at DoorDash, the application process, potential perks, and average pay.

You’ll also learn about DoorDash’s background check procedure and tips for getting hired.

What exactly is DoorDash?

It’s an online food delivery service that began in the U.S. on January 12, 2013 and has since expanded globally to operate in 7,000 cities across countries like Canada, Japan, and Australia.

Doordash Careers



With DoorDash, customers can use the app to order food, groceries, alcohol, and more from local businesses.

Dashers pick up and deliver these orders, getting paid per job and enjoying flexible hours.

Dashers are independent contractors, part of the gig economy, and can even join DoorDash Drive for higher-value deliveries.

DoorDash is tech-savvy, with innovations like DoorDash Labs focusing on automation and robotics.

Why work at DoorDash?

People join for various reasons. If you’re looking for a flexible side hustle, being a Dasher might suit you.

You can choose your hours, connect with people, and work independently while still being part of a team.

There are also hourly and salaried roles available, from entry-level to tech positions, offering a chance to experience the latest technology and enjoy an inclusive work environment.

Requirements for DoorDash Careers

Requirements for working at DoorDash vary depending on the role.

For delivery drivers, a reliable vehicle and smartphone are essential, along with being at least 18 years old in the U.S.

Other roles may require specific skills or experience.

Top DoorDash careers

Here are some popular positions:

  • Dasher: Deliver orders independently, with flexible hours.
  • Dasher Experience Associate: Support Dashers and enhance their experience.
  • Fulfillment Associate: Workforce warehouse setting, handling inventory.
  • City Specialist: Market Dasher in different cities, working with local communities.
  • Front-of-Houseociate: Ensure orders are prepared correctly in shared kitchens.
  • Warehouse Associate: Manage inventory and prepare orders in retail warehouses.


If your background check reveals any drug-related offenses, it might lower your chances of being accepted.

Similarly, having any drunk driving offenses on your driving record could disqualify you from working as a Dasher.

In some cases, especially for salaried positions, and depending on your location and the job type, you might need to pass a drug test.


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